Thursday, 23 December 2010

I don't care if Robert throws up...

....I like this song.

I think it's decent that someone actually bothered to make a Christmas song for Christmas. on this subject, how on earth is Matt Cardle Christmas number one?!?!? I don't know anyone who likes his cover of Many of Horror and btw, does it annoy anyone else that his cover's called When We Collide??!

I'm an angry teen.

Went to Tommy's today :) got beeped at on the way, and they waved but i couldn't make it who it was....and i didn't recognise the car was pretty small...and black....don't know the make or model...sorry :/
we watched Dorian Gray *have you seeeeeen it?!?* :O i really enjoyed it and thought that Ben Barnes and Colin Firth were fantastic...even though i HATED their characters....but it was horrible! great film, recommend! but it's a bit weird...just a warning...although i laughed at a supposedly scary part of it xD
Then we watched Zoolander...great film :)

'There's gotta be more to life than being really, really, really ridiculously good-looking...'

then i got a lift home and asked if i could go to the theatre *get me* and my folks were cool for ONCE and let me go :D we watched aladdin :P his lil bro, james was in it and was MARVELOUS! can't believe they managed that in four days! it was brilliant!

and i got a hot chocolate :P
then tommy walked me back home cuz i can't walk two minutes in the dark on my own....:P
some drunken eejit rawred at me, lil frightening since it was too dark to see his face :O

well, i'm off to see the Two Ronnies christmas special :D

Peace and love

p.s, you wouldn't believe that after writing that so many times, i almost wrote love and peace instead. what a fool.


  1. omg, kaytei, your such a NINJA! first a birthday present and now this XD Thank you very much! I'll try and order you a... ahem, *special gas-mask* for christmas ^^ Have a good one, buddy!

  2. hahahahaha xD see, i didn't really break your advent calendar! x

  3. Yeah I have to agree that guy completely murdered Biffy's song, and didn't really attribute it to them. I mean, if you're going to nick a song and change its name, at least tell everyone who you're slaughtering in the process.

  4. Oh and btw,
    Bleuuuuuurgh at the first bit.