Thursday, 16 December 2010

Mocks are DONE

TGeebles, ja?? Goodness...had two Latin papers, each an hour long today...didn't find them too taxing but some of the vocab was impossible :/ much guesswork! anyways, everyone finished well within the time limit so Matt ammused himself by kicking my chair and laughing at me when i got a shiver and i took to drawing on the back of my paper...i drew a pig, a duck, a dancing flower and my water bottle....i think...

listening to a cover of bye bye bye by Nsync...too cool, right??

omgosh, mrs. bednarczyk's idea of a nice last history lesson!!! i explained it to eloise and her response was thus:
"if i freeze, promise you won't eat me"

the video don't show anything but the description was pretty explicit and actually rather disturbing...

gosh, 'tis snowing and it's sooo pretty but I don't want to miss school tomorrow...I love shouting the 12 days of's one of my all time favourite memories from school, it's a great tradition.

now i'm listening to wonderful world by johnny nash :P
oooh, does anyone know adele's new song?? Rolling in the deep. I love it SO much, she has such a soulful voice and to be able to write so well, so young is incredible!! i has much love for adele.
oooh and i'm feeling better than i was this morning :P 'twas such an effort to get out of bed! i felt sick, my head was pounding and everything ached and i couldn't eat breakfast...but anyways, feeling wuite a bit better now...

bye di bye one and all...see you another time

Peace and love

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  1. Oh yeah... that was our last lesson, wasn't it? What a wonderful note to start Christmas with :P