Saturday, 18 December 2010




christmas this time next week and h to G i honestly can't's one time in the year when no one can tut at my giddy childlike glee :P My house looks like a tacky santa's grotto! there's tinsel over EVERYTHING :P and it looks gorrrrrrgeous....:)
there's a service prvided where people will set up your tree and do all the decorating...why would you want anyone else to do it, that's so sad, isn't it??
hmmm...guess people have their needs...

i'm having a day off work...they called my mobile when i was almost there and told me it'd be pretty dead so don't bother coming in....wouldn't have gone a miss if they'd have called earlier...just saying...i still had to get up early, dressed, do my hair for work and get covered in snow before they told me. i have a right to feel pissed off....BUT I'M NOT because i'm listening to Stop The Cavalry by Jona Lewie :D
plus, i'm ill so it's nice to have a rest :)

chatted to tommy in the phone earlier :P you egg my house and i swear to god i'll break you...0:)

wild horse couldn't drag me away

goodness, i've done 50 weeks of 2010...just another two to go....this has been a great year. 10 really is my lucky number :)

good film 4.30 pm channel four TODAY... trust rocks...just, TRUST me :)

i'm happier now than i have been for ages.

Peace and love