Sunday, 19 December 2010


...lil early i know but I was feeling festive last night...

I was aware of the last two shots but my dad decided to take Santa Egg out this morning and take some pics of him...i found them just now when uploading :P 3rd one down, he's in an iglu :D

btw, my hair's messy because it's still drying in that

Great night planned tonight...i'm gonna miss the apprentice final though...and a muppets film that's on this afternoon....i love the muppets :P but anyways, this is gonna be AWESOME!!! can't remember the last time i slept over with caz and elin....summer wasn't that long ago i don't think...anyhooo....i need to pack up and get everything sorted so i shan't stay too long...

hmm, turns out 'nth' is in the dictionary...who'd have thunk it, eh?

Peace and love

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