Sunday, 26 December 2010

MERRY...boxing day?

Well, not sure it has quite the same holiday ring but i sure as hell couldn't be bothered to write yesterday. *didn't even write my diary...shock horror xD*

'dear neighbours,
please keep the f**king noise down you inconsiderate bunch of stupid c**ts'

thank you jamie :P xxx

hmm, well, the end is nigh and all that lark and every year *every DAMN year* i get a lil upset...can't really explain why...maybe it's a common thing but whilst everyone else seems to be enjoying ringing in the new year i just think about everything i haven't managed to do this year and all the stress that's coming next year and that next year i'm going to be 17 *DANG* and eventually i'm gonna have to do some growing up, especially since i don't even know what A-levels i wan to do. and january and february last for ages, and they're so very cold and at least in november/december there's christmas to look forward to but jan/feb, what is there?? EXAMS. that's what. this holiday i need to revise for triple and core and learn lines for drama and do latin and physics homework and i just don't have time to breathe.

well, indeed.

but, it's fine. I cope every year, why should this one be any different? leavers hoodie's coming after christmas, isn't it? i'm very muhc looking forward to getting that hoodie...i shall wear it often.

when i go to wales i'm going to draw faces on the pebbles. :)

if i'm away on your birthday again, tommy, i will be very pissed off at my folks for their awful planning but we'll have a four hour convo to make up for it in some small way.

ah, i love to think of going home. the air is so fresh :) i don't care what joke people may make for me being welsh *which btw, is RACIST xD* I love going home. it rains, and it's cold...the wind is viscious feels right...home's more a feeling than a location...

bought a new dress today!! how i love the sales :) it's from new look and will be wonderful for summertime...i'm hoping to go to guilfest next year, though i don't know who's playing, i want to dance and sing and get lost in the atmosphere. hope it's sunny...i'll get wellies just in case though

I do not want to drink.

dear lord, no i do not.

is it naive of me to say that i've already learnt my lesson, at this tender age? xD ah wells...let me be naive whilst it's still socially acceptable.

oh, btw, i'm not pescatarian any more. sorry about that. i would explain...but i really can't be bothered.

oooh, and congratz to Louise and Harvey! what a stunning pair they make :P

Peace and love

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  1. In terms of supposed maturity, you're much higher on the spectrum than most people I know, so I wouldn't worry too much about that.

    This time of year is always rather surreal, but I am looking forward to the New Year, whatever that brings.