Saturday, 11 December 2010

Christmas rush tomorrow...

So, tomorrow, with less than two weeks to spare, i'm FINALLY going to get my shopping hell, the shop's will be PACKED...I HATE it when there are loads of when everyone's in the locker room at school...
gosh, party last night was awesome :D hung out with Summer, Elin and Matt and also met some awesome new people :P
Matt's gonna upload pics :D hahaha

work was...fine.

oh god. shopping. i HATE shopping when i actually need to buy things....wandering aimlessly is fine and dandy but honestly, EURGH.

i burnt my tongue today...feels funny...

worth it though...that hot chocolate was feck awesome.

...something else?

face mask...maybe????
i was going to do that when i got home and then i forgot :/
should got to bed soon...
need to brush my teeth...i haven't eaten since about 7 so now my mouth tastes're welcome

might do our tree tomorrow...might not...i'm a be busy...ange is seeing deborah...hmmm
listening to jimmy eat world ...'tis alright...

watched 1/2 of This is JLS earlier tonight...:P don't judge me.

my hair's still wet. i does smell nice though....used a really god conditioner so i shouldn't look like Stig of the dump's to hoping anyways.
shops don't open til 11 so i'll revise before i go out and then after too.
oh god...i gonan have to straighten my fringe tomorrow...i hATE using my straighteners

Peace and love

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