Sunday, 12 December 2010



Shopping is complete after HOURS!! I went at about 1/2 11 and got back at 20 to 4 and then once i was finished wrapping it was 5.15 so there hardly seems any point in having lunch now... :/ mum's dishing up dinner in about 5 minutes no worries... i got a toffee in town :P saw tom parsons with a couple of guys i didn't recognise.


one of my fave christmas songs :) i heard it on the radio this morning :)

didn't get to sleep until about 4am so i didn't end up getting up until 10.30 :/

i'm going to watch elf soon...i've seen it about 6 times before but it's less that two weeks til christmas....

which also means that my year in lyrics shall be posted soon :) you can see my motion city soundtrack phase and my obsession with various songs....

Peace and love
p.s sorry...not 20 to 4...twenty to 5...

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  1. I need to do some Christmas shopping soon. I've done the Christmas cards today though (and when I say cards I literally mean cards, yes, I've continued that tradition...)