Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Every Part of me aches.

I'm not even kidding.
I just had a hot water bottle on my back to try and stop it hurting and my left knee's playing up again, gosh, it makes me feel so old!!!

I got time and a half today and yesterday though....so that's 6.25x7=43.75x2=87.50
in two days :) not bad.
then i'm doing normal pay tomorrow but only from 10-5 *YAY, an hour earlier than usual, i can't wait to sleeeep...actually, might do a spot of shopping for the essentials...hm...*
so that's 4.25x6=25.50 **
i think.
plus a couple pounds in tips :)
omgosh, i think i'll have enough to get my camera. i reeeeeeeeaaaaaally want a camera...and i can get a cute case and a tripod for it....:)
...also want an exercise bike but that can wait.

then, i do also want trackies...and i need new work trousers....these ones are way too baggy.
i swear they used to fit and i haven't shrunk. i don't actually understanf weightloss...i mean, i weight less than i did but i look the same...except *shock horror* i think i'm a little, tiny, itty-bitty-bit taller!!!
i think i'm now 5ft 5" rather than 5ft 4 &1/4
...i'm serious about that quarter btw.

ooooh, got a nice surprise in work today :) thank you xxxx

...although kevin was a bit ....you know....:/
hmmm, as far as bosses go he could be worse but...that was a really silly rule, i reckon.
i need the loo.
i needed it 26 minutes ago and then i forgot...i stilll need the loo.
also need to wash my hair.
i swear these blog entries ar just me complaining or talking about what i need to do.


no more mondays this year!!! so, i'll be posting up my 2010 in lyrics soon. if anyone knows al the songs then i'll get them a gold star.
i've written different lines from the same songs a couple of times and i might have repeated some lines by mistake.

i'm really liking this song atm Undertow by Warpaint

it's played on radio one at night a lot :P

this one too Shadows by Warpaint

they're sorta trancey *some say droney*

i dunno if anyone reading this will like those songs and they're not liike anything else that i really like actually but i think they're sorta cool.

gotta get going.

up at 8.30 again tomorrow 10-5 working....might have a flapjack tomorrow...
oh, martin's getting blood taken at the hospital tomorrow so spare a thought....cuz, it's really not fun :'/

Peace and love


  1. Sounds like hard work. That pay is very good, though.

    I'm ignorant, what's 2010 in lyrics? Guessing something to do with piecing together lines from favourite songs over the years, or do I have that completely wrong?


  2. every monday i write down a line from a song in my diary...just something that's been stuck in my head and then i stick them up on here at the end of the year :P xxxx