Monday, 20 December 2010

Just where do you start when you've abandoned all dignity?


It was an interesting night...full of fun times and massive regrets.

We drank white russians...well, we made our own version of it and added golden syrup ---->so good!

but yeah, we drank white can probably guess the rest....

So, in a haze of phone calls, bad music, laughing over nothing and deliberate memory blanks (!) I think i got to sleep about 5.30....maybe.... :s and then i kept on waking up every half hour or so....'twas really bad....
felt like crap when i got up but to be perfectly honest, i think that's more my cold's fault than anything else...

walked from summer's to town :D awesome! lovely scenery...although there was a very real chance of us ending up in the river :P

and then onto meeting LOUISE the BIRTHDAY GIRRRRRL :P *YAY*
so, today, this morning, yesterday, last night......were really good :D

All I've had to eat today is half a slice of toast and fries from know things are bad when you're buying crap from mcdonalds....

anyways, dinner now....gotta try and forget about the horrors of last night.

Peace and love


  1. I think it would be a good idea to get some sleep soon. :P xxx

  2. KAYTEI! I spent last night in a bloody jail cell because of your shinannigans! Grrrrr!

  3. i napped on the sofa for a couple hours then watched miranda :)
    tommy, i'm sorry...what more can i say? :P