Thursday, 9 December 2010


Martin's been excluded from school :( it's only for tomorrow but god, this sucks!!

i need the loo.

i'm now a goalsetter ** and i'm drinking more water as one of the far today i've had about 1.7 litres and i still feel thirsty...but i REALLY need a're welcome.
Math was dire yesterday...think i really need to revise for the real thing. gosh, i wish i got it. some people just see things so easily but when i look at math papers it's like a foreign language. isosceles triange in a circle means NOTHING to me. and i can't rearrange formulae which is apparently so easy.


my one redeeming feature is that i'm decent at english. hell, do you know what? if i can acknowledge my failings, i'm going to be proud of my accomplishments. I like english and i enjoy writing and as much as i don't find it easy it's a darn sight easier than math and science for me.

dang...still need the loo.

gosh, reading my script with mom is a right laugh xD she read geoffrey as a muppet...'twas hilarious...
i love my mammy.

...REAALLLLY need the looo....i'm sorry i gotta go....

*about a minute or so later...*
i'm baa-ack :) i only went about half an hour ago as well...gosh, drinking more water, is it worth it?

god, martin really needs to learn to control his temper...he's my brother and i love him but he's not making things easy for himself, is he??? jayze.

Peace and love

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