Saturday, 27 June 2009

I just cut my hair

a tidbit of a trim to tidy up the ends...nothing drastic; i'm too indecisive to get any kind of, "interesting cut" yeah...
I asked someone for guy advice earlier, 'twas funny...he didn't have a clue but the phone was trying to eat his ear so maybe that was kind of distracting him....YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE *mwa ha ha*
I'm wearing one of my favey necklaces, it has a shark-tooth-shaped piece of rose quartz hung on a slim silver chain and it's pretty. Rose quartz is the stone of love and it always makes me feel nice and feminine to wear it. I'm not a very feminine girl, I kind of feel clumsy and awkward rather than cute and girlie which sucks but I'm not trying to complain. It's nice that I have tall friends because it makes me feel kind of more like a girl. I think that what really upset me was having to play a boy in a school production when I was five...I remember asking my mum that night, "do i look like a boy?" I started wearing make-up too early and developed some kind of complex over my body and the rest of my physical self. I padded my bra at the age of...nine*?* It's just wrong. I kind of grew up kinda too soon and never got to grips with just me. This is gonna get heavy and melodramatic but I've never been able to be just me, this is the same for a lot of people but I'm a different someone in different situations and I'm not keen on being alone so I've always surrounded myself with others and so by doing so, I've never just been me. I hope this is making more sense to you than it is to me :S
So, I still love being with all my friends but I'm gonna really find out who Kaytei is without a boyfriend or anything. So, even though I reeeaaally like someone at the moment, I don't want a boyfriend.
I like cutting my hair *random changes of subject: For The Wolf* snipping off little bits of me, it's like a therapeutic rdding-of-the-past kinda thing...or is that just me reading too much into crud??
If you havenae guessed already, I'm tired :S
I'm gonna go watch Michael McIntyre's comedy roadshow in a sec...I love him :)

Peace and love


  1. A very deep post.

    I saw Seven Pounds last night, it's such a depressing film but it's really really good.

    I also saw most of Benjamin Button, I think I would have found it good if I could understand a word of what they were saying...

  2. i reeeeeeaaaaaally wanna see seven pounds, will smith's amazing and it looks great. I've seen benjamin button, I loved it. I've never really thought much of brad pitt but he was aweosme in it. it got pretty bad reviews but stick with it, it's worth it!!