Monday, 15 June 2009

I have a billion things to do and all at the same time.

No...that's an exageration but I'm kinda busy *hence my lack of blogging of late :(*
I'm in need of vent-age-ness-ism-stuff :S
So...exams in a matter of days...great... and an audition for my school's music competition. I sooooo badly want to sing in it; I'd love a solo but tbh I just wanna sing *cue dramatic music, "CAN'T YOU JUST LET ME SING??!" and scene, that's a wrap everyone*
I'm in an odd mood. 1000001 people are currently trying to guess the identity of the daft&lovely man who hath claimed mine heart...a tidbit annoying but ahwell. A further 1000001 people have convinced themselves that I'm in lurrrrrrrv with Tommy. Wonderful as he is and all that jazz...we're just friends; I'm sorry to burst your delusions but yeah, I shall never take his second name nor have I any desire to do so.
I'm hopefully going to the beach this weekend for ma friend's B'day party *thank you hattie* I cannae wait, i'm in desperate need of holiday and I wanna salvage as much enjoyment from the sunshine as I can before he goes and removes his hat again. So yeah, exagerations are today's thang for me xD Yousssss cans probs a-guess that I'm tired and yawniful but ahwells, eh?
*It's business, it's business time!!*

Whenever I have a crush, I end up chucking myself in, head first; fast and deep. You know, "look before you leap"? I prefer, "blindfold yourself and hope for the best when you throw yourself in anyways"

Peace and love


  1. Is it west wittering mabey?
    best beach in the U/K!

  2. YEAH!!! :D
    'tis gonna be goooooood :)
    oooh, thanks for lending us your camera!!!

  3. No Simon. The best beach in the UK is either Frensham Pond (if you can call it a beach) or the beach at Polperro in Cornwall.

  4. hey you are LUCKY, at least the guy you like has talked to you in the last year!