Thursday, 11 June 2009

"Dear shadow..."

These are the lyrics to the song that my group have meen working on in music. 'tis an apolagetic letter to a former-self. Basically, we're telling our younger selves that we're sorry for all that crud which we've caused. This version is original but the edited one which we're going to use is shorter to fit with the music :D
Anyways, I've spoken too much, how about you make up you ow mind on it?

Dear Shadow...
V.1) I remember smiling over nothing at all,
Just silly things I’d share with friends,
And stupid jokes I told.
The, “once upon a times” & fairytales I sought,
Day dreams of a handsome prince,
Compliments this damsel bought.
Ch.) For all I was and what I seem,
From ice-creams to broken dreams,
The innocence that I’ve lost,
I got what I wanted but at what cost?
The superficiality isn’t what I need,
When I look in the mirror, I see the lies I feed.
...and I’m sorry
V.2) Disillusions crushed hope of finding the right way,
Love seemed to lose all importance,
The wrong things that I’d say.
Treading a cold path with such stubborn insistence,
My only care was for myself,
Not life; mere existence.
M8) Please release me from this tarnished cell that I’ve built ,
Wearied thoughts are weighing me down,
Flowers begin to wilt.
From roses and rainbows to all of my strange woes,
Life is lonelier than ever,
And that’s that way it goes.
How can I carry on when I’ve caused so much strife?
The burning hole of it all has ruined my life.

Peace and love

p.s the list is no more. 'tis trivial crap that doesn't deserve a place in my life. I've salvaged everything I need from the reverse of each page and now the list's future belongs with my lighter.
p.p.s it too much to ask that one person in the whole world; just one person, likes me as I like him?
p.p.p.s how come a laugh can be so fleeting but a tear carves its way through you forever?
p.p.p.p.s I dreamt such a lovely thing last was perfect. difficult but perfect *and i'm a cynical thing who doesn't believ in, "perfection"*. it worked and I just wish I hadn't woken up.


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  2. awwwwww....please? 'tis only cuz ellie's following me twice for some reason...:S
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  3. nice lyrics ! me and milo are starting to feel a bit nervous we havn't even decided yet what the lyricsa to our song are!! panic