Monday, 29 June 2009

The truth behind the glasses *dun dun dun*

It sounds really dramatic and all that jazz but tbh, it will bore you :S
you see, i've told you that I wear my clear-lensed glasses simply because i like glasses. I do indeed like glasses and have done for a while but this isn't the only reason i wear them. The thing is, and this is a tidbit embarrassing, I hide behind them. It's like a mask but I don't look silly in them...well that's debatable but the point is that to me, I'm a different person in them and I can be confident and all that jazz where as to everyone else in the real world, I'm still just me. so yeah. now you know. and i'm all ashamed and junk *moody pout* :S

I've had silly flight of the conchords songs stuck in my head all day...I love them but I don't need to hear Bret and Jemaine digressing about dead humans for the benefit of robots of the future all day long TY very much :o

Peace and love


  1. I really like the glasses. I didn't like them at first but you get used to them.

    You're saying that you don't need to wear them? Is your eyesight actually alright?

    Btw, I love that FOTC song. Binary Solo!

    0000010011110101001111100000... you get the idea

  2. lol flight of the conchords Albi the racist dragon has to me favourite!

    mark ?? binary solo ( simon very confused ) (supprise...

    just thinking... why do you feel more confident when you try and make yourself a differnt person? why not just "chill" and be yourself?

  3. yup, i don't need glasses :S i just wear them anyways... HA binary solo *rock on!!*
    wish i could just, "chill" simon but i'm a kinda anxious person and i don't really chill all that often :S

  4. Well i think ur well sexy all the time lol

  5. Simon - have you never listened to the live version of 'Humans are Dead'? You cannot be a true FOTC fan then...

  6. true, simon, you're an utter disgrace to society because you don't really know FOTC at all *shun* ...kidding xD
    awww, master pickils, i think you're, "well sexy" too :)