Thursday, 18 June 2009


HELLLLOOOOOOOOooooooo!!! I'm in a gooooood mooooood :) I'm reckoning that the math tests went alrighty and well I'm hoping I get a pretty good grade since I reeeeeeeeaaaaaaally don't fancy being moved down. I have enough of a complex about feeling stupid as it is thank you very much :)
I had rock-climbing after school today and it was alright, I was knackered so I kinda sucked but for the most part it was a laugh...but I got my hand caught in the bee-lay device and that reeeeeeeaaaally hurt. It barely broke the skin but I just know that it's gonna be disgustingly bruised tomorrow :(
ooooh, I spend so much time planning other people's lives so I thought that I'd share with you guys, how I'd like my life to turn out...I want to live in a small cottage *i'd feel too alone in a big one* with a white picket fence, a small shed, daffodils and a small pebble path in the front garden and a royal blue front door. I want two kids, preferably a boy and a girl but I don't mind...I 'd love twins actually, that'd be awesome. I know who I want to live with and share my life with but I think that's a little too private to be disclosing upon a blog, don't you? I'm wanting to be an actress, long time tv series stuff and lots of panto and other theatre work and in any minutes that I grab between looking after and loving my children, I'll put some time into writing a book. My husband will be witty and foolish, silly and sophisticated, daft, lovely and simply wonderful. He'll be a doctor or a teacher or a politician or have some other highly respected job and we'll share the same joys and we'll hate the bnp and we'll go on random adventure holidays and end up not being able to do anything so we'll just picnic and roll in the grass, play frisbee with the kids, teach them how to make daisy chains. oh and my husband will teach me and the kids how to play an instrument.
I've put too much thought into this, haven't I??
bet you're now thinking, "gosh, she's a bit odd, ain't she? oo-er!"
ouch, my hand hurts :'( real bad actually :(

It's almost the weekend xD
Peace and love
"maybe in time, you'll want to be mine"


  1. Right on about the bnp!

  2. ...think i'll just help you tiff that post off.
    'and they all lived happily ever after...!'

    well, thats a very nice future you've got planned for yourself, indeed! good luck with it, hope you achieve it some day! xD

  3. That was the weirdest way hatred for the BNP has ever been put into context...