Saturday, 20 June 2009

Bean sprouts rock socks

One mind reeling over your name,
Strange but this was never a game,
...I'm still being played,
...My heart, bound, so afraid,
To keep searching when it all looks the same.

Don't let me go,
I 'm not ready to do this alone,
Don't let me go,
I'm just not ready to fall.

hey there, I didn't write yesterday...sorry...a little rushed-by and all that jazz :S I can't write much now, I have some food techie work to catch up on, making spring rolls with bean sprouts on monday :)

You know those short poems that skakespeare wrote, "sonnets" *or something along those lines*? well, I reckon that's what the intro to this post was. I'm perplexed...who on earth is lord zaros?? and why does he like crusha so very much?? this is just like when I was unnerved by the presence of mark geranium...

Anyways, hugs and kisses xD

Peace and love


  1. Lord Zaros I believe is our good friend Mr Dick.

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  3. wel...i dunno about Mr Dick, but i think mister richard osmand might fit the fix...

  4. ah, rock on you guys!! i was rather perplexed :S