Friday, 12 June 2009

Losing can be a good thing

*Runs around wildly yelling like crazy fool she is*
I've lost another 1lb and 10 ounces :D i'm feeling better, hungry but better :D
Along with Jaquie and Robert-dear I guided a prospective english teacher around school. I was so nervous but I reckon it went okay-ly. Robert-dearest-darling and I made a good pair and Jaquie was simply hilarious :) I'm trying ever so hard to overcome nerves in such situations as I am with my fear of heights and water :)

Wowo. that guy i like :) *takes my breath away* I don't wanna bore you too much with all my emotional crud but I think about him a lot and I so want him to feel the same about me.

peace and love


  1. gratz on the weight loss!

  2. Kate seriously just shut the f*** up about your f****** weight, You reeeally don't need to lose any. Plus I'm f****** jealous :/