Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Math exam results

...better than I expected but could still be bettered...a lot...I got higher than golden boy, Jaquie!! That's my ambition you see, to wipe the smug grin of arrogance off of his face...mwa ha ha!!
I'm quite pleased with it but I still have my science results to wait for and in true nervous-wreck-kaytei style...I'm FREAKING OUT MAN!!!
ooh, i forgot to mention this yesterday but when I was frying my spring rolls, my techie teacher told me that I i deep-fat-fried beautifully...I wasn't aware that anything so greasy could be at all beautiful...ew. I washed my hands a billion and one times and they persisted on being greasy and gross...ew. and I smelt like cooking oil...ew.
The boy whom I have yet to learn the middle name of was being rather lewd at lunch today, however, i still rather like him :)

I shall aim to finish my sketch of rafael nadal tomorrow...i'll share with you how it goes...because i'm generous...

Peace and love

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