Wednesday, 10 June 2009

For The Fecking Record

I am so tired of so many people making jokes about tommy and i. perhaps it was funny when it began...SEVEN MONTHS AGO, however, we're now both simply sick of it. Once upon a time a had a teeny crush on him but he never felt the same. End of. I like someone else. He likes someone else. any questions?
Now, onto the lighter side of life...literally lighter :D I've lost 3 pounds and my bmi is now 20 :D the only downfall from my healthy eating plan is that I now crave anything and everything which contains fat and sugar. But awell. I'm feeing positive about me and my body for the first time in a while and it feels good :D
erm...what else? omgosh...the guy i like *sigh* he's so lovely. like, really lovely. he's...amazing. :)

Peace and love

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