Monday, 22 June 2009

well that was weird

i just lost my hearing for a sec there...moving on...
you're gorgeous and crazy and that's why i love you.
I've started a drawing of rafael nadal. It's not great thus far, I just can't get him quite right. I'm coping a picture of him which is just so lovely. It's not one of those official press shot things so he's just looking lovely and natural and miles away :)
We began marking our exam paper thingys today...I think i'm dong alright-ish, it oculd be better but then again, it could be worse so what you gonna do, eh?
ARGH, my head hurts :'( i must be dehydrated or something but it feels like it's being smushed in on itself...not good. oooh, my spring rolls went rather well, I'm really quite pleased with them actually :) mmmm and i lurv bean sprouts :D

Peace and love


  1. Why have you got a notice saying that your blog contains adult content?

  2. ...i thought it would be funny... i'll take it away don't worry!