Sunday, 21 June 2009


Today was really rather awesome *heavenly chorus*
Even baring all in one's bikini wasn't so bad. We bobbled in the sea and chucked seaweed at each other *mwa ha ha* Gorged on cookies, buuuuuuurrrrrrrrgers, hot doggies and many pringles. We watched the original Omen film. I'm a bit of a horror fanatic but I'd never seen this film so it was pretty cool to finally see it. Some parts were actually laughable but other sections reeeeaaaaally creeped me out. "Damien, look at me Damien. It's all for you. It's all for you Damien." freaky, much?
urgh, i'm so sandy and my hair's all salty. I reeaaaally wanna bathe and get a change of clothes. 'twould be good.
Love you everyone.

peace and love
p.s I was kinda tired late last night/early this morning...sorry about the texts...I'm all embarrassed now.
p.p.s hahahahaha katie was such a sexy sand-mermaid hahahahahaha


  1. You must watch the film 'Don't Look Now'.

    It's old, and there is a stpidly long sex scene in the middle of it, but the ending is really creepy in my opinion.

    But it's probably not creepy to you - the toughened Saw-watching horror fanatic.

  2. oh, don't worry about the texts xD they were very supportive!...even if they did kinda ring on my phone at a rather ungodly hour (don't worry, i couldn't sleep, didn't wake me up) anyway, i really apprechiate the compliments, i don't often get praise! thanks very much!

  3. argh, i didn't realise youd hve your phone on :S sorry, i kinda thought that you'd just get them in the morning...xD
    oooh, i shall add such a film to my, "to watch" list, thanks for the recommendatin!

  4. had a good time at wittering nice! did you get there 4 high tide? ---------------thats when the waves are at their best--------------

    giant waves = lots of fun!

  5. no, we were there for the low tide so as we could go all over the beach and stuff! :D