Sunday, 28 June 2009

i will marry

a man who can weave plain words into something beautiful,
a man who will make everything better,
a man who writes a song for me,
a man who reminds me that nothing's as bad as it seems,
a man who says random things to make me giggle
and who lends their shoulder for me to cry on,
a man who always has the time to listen
and always has something to say,
a man who is as hopeless at dancing as i am,
but would still like to learn how to,
a man who can make me feel like a goddess
but keep my feet on the ground,
a man who loves me
and loves all that is important to me.
A man who gives me a million and one reasons to love him.

A man like the guy I like right now.

Peace and love


  1. tommy tommy tommy tommy tommyyyyyyy!!! lol jokes

    soz, last one ill make

    i just had 2

  2. *facepalm at jacob*

    you really do truly love this guy, don't you? all i can say is i really, seriously hope it works out for you two in the end. don't worry, i'm sure things will pan out just fine, eventually. time's magical like that.

    *end of spiritual, slightly melodramatic words of wisdom from Tommy* ^^

    *has got to stop spekaing about self in third person...*

  3. You really do, Tommy. It annoys me quite a bit.


    Mark continues to ponder on whether he should ever actually reveal his name on Blogger, even though everyone knows who it is anyway and his name has been mentioned many times already, rendering it completely pointless to mention again.


    Anyway, that is a very deep post there, Kaytei

  4. thanks tommy...that's sweet of you but i think he just likes me as a friend...woe is me and all that jazz...
    yeah, mark, you should probably just reveal your name...'twould make much sense methinks :)