Wednesday, 17 June 2009

I'm a dumb's okay; you can agree :)

See, today were our science exams. Everybody has told us that they don't matter. ENGLISH IS THE ONLY SUBJECT THAT MATTERS. etc. and yet, still, I freaked out.
We had paper 1 and i was a jittery mess but i got through it but after lunch, I couldn't bare to face paper 2. I'd convinced myself that I had gotten everything wrong and it sooo didn't help that sooo many people thought that it was sooo easy. I broke down in front of embarrassing. Everyone was lovely and amazing and all that jazz and I calmed and cooled and I think that the second paper went better than the first but we have math exams tomorrow so I'm not out of the dark yet. I've revised loads and I'm still worried. I'm a naturally anxious person *some people are born with confidence, equanimity and grace...I get anxiety...great...* so imagine me in exam conditions, *oh goody* -_-'
The only comfort I have right now is knowing that by this time tomorrow it will all be over and never ever ever again will I experience the exact same pain. Once I'd finished the first exam I told Elin *godofcaprisun* that it was "like death but slower". I don't enjoy exams. Tomorrow, today will be yesterday; history and I can move on and forget. oh please, lord, let me forget.
I reckon that the worst thing was that for the first time in a while I actually chose to wear mascara to school today; so not only did I have pink, watery, puffy eyes, a red nose and swollen lips *my lips swell when I cry...don't know why* I had brown smears down my face too*gorgeous*.
Master R. D. of P...I'm ever so intriguied as to who you fancy but I shan't bother you. Simply one mote of advide, don't mess her around. If you like her, TELL her...girls don't like it when guys don't say what they mean.
Master T. E. of L...I've just read your blog...the butterfly effect... I recommend you watch the film, "the butterfly effect" ever so good and stars Ashton Kutcher *awesome* loved it!
And finally, I implore the boy, whom I don't know the middle name of, to write again soon.

I auditioned for house music earlier. Doubt I'll get in at all but ahwell all the same and all that jazz.

Miss E. R. of S...I do apolagise for the defacing of your pencil case, although 'twas funny at the time :D
Miss C. F of A Me loves you. yeah.
Miss E. R. of G Ha, your initials spell erg...erm...hi! please show me Jake and amir tomorrow. I'm in love with Amir xD

Sorry about today. I'm a mess but I'll get over it. Tomorrow will be better, it has to be.
oooh, tommy, glad you're enjoying the book! hope you finishe it soon, i'm in no rush to get it back, i just wanna discuss it with you :D

Peace and love
p.s Today was long
p.p.s rock climbing tomorrow...oh lordy...


  1. People that say that exams are easy and they finished it quickly are usually either lying or they rushed it and got most of it wrong.

  2. 's a good book, make no mistake!

    i never really got the chance to say thank you to you for letting me borrow those two books, so i just wanted to say...thanks! i really apprechiate it. i feel a much wiser person than before i read those books.

    and don't worry :D if you read my blog, you certainly weren't the only one a bit freaked out by the SATS...^^

  3. hey jamie, that's a lovely, reasuring comment :) i hope you're right :D
    and tommy? no worries about thanking me...i kinda forced them upon you anyway...but ony cuz I KNEW that you'd enjoy them :)