Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Towning with Caz, Elin and Jono :D

At around the hour of 1, I received a phone call requesting that I come to town in an hour. One hour. I ate lunch, applied make-up and carefully tied back my hair; amazing, simply stunning, don't you think?
I met them at the magic circle and then we wandered up to the castle, I sat next to Jono and opposite to Caz and Elin whom I was sure had actually had piercings done!! Once caz and Elin had devoured pizza crisps (which taste immense btw) we opened up a couple of bottles...of water which tasted of apple and peach. So after around 20 minutes maybe, I was rather sozzled, as were caz and elin and Jono, our designated driver, was sober as he'd refused to drink anything *boring* :D
I can only imagine what he thought of having a wreckless, feckless drunken fool for a girlfriend!!
I have great friends :D
I be one lucky idiot if ever there was one.
When I said goodbye to Jono we were so close, I could feel his heart beating by mine and.... *well, stop being nosey now!! i hadn't seen him in a while and it was nice*

Peace and love


  1. haha, u didnt mention the sex u had with him, or the sex u had with tommy yesterday!!!! Stop hiding it all!!!