Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Friend circle!!

Woop woop, hoooooooooop a looooooooooo-oooooooooooooooooooop
Once Steve and Simon had deserted Jacob, Tommy and I *traitors!!* our remaining circle of friends decided to share what we really thought of Steve and Simon with one another. After an hour or so of fierce debating, we arrived at the conclusion that Steve was a superficial, narcicistic dum dum and Simon was simply too tall to hug....well....those were my conclusions anyway...
I'm only kidding of course, Simon and Steve are two very lovely people that I'm lucky to have as my friends!
Anyway, once they were gone, we three *kings of orient are...* literally just talked and laughed and merry-made for well over an hour...'twas brillig *and the slithey toaves...*
Whenever people say things, I think of lyrics or lines from poems...that's what between the **!
I had such a great chat with them, it's really easy to talk to them, we discussed all kinds of deep shiz and then some not so deep shiz...most of the less deep things curtesy of I (for which I'm immensly proud!) -_-'
Anyway, I'm fortunate for many things and I don't say thank you enough but seriously, thanks :)

Peace and love

p.s I saw two of my most favouritest teachers ever!! mr. taylor and mr. harris were having lunch together and they said, "hi, Kayei!" to me so i said, "hi" back....a momentus occasion, I think you'll agree! But seriously, 'twas nice to see them :D

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