Friday, 17 April 2009

Haylio and Kaytio's ground-breaking, earth shaking shopping trip!!

Woop woop hooooooop a looooooooooo-oooooooooop!
I met up with my friend Hayley from forever ago!! We were best friends way back when I had fluffy blonde hair and thought that, "knickers" was a swear word!!
We lost touch whe she moved all over the world with her family *Singapore, New Zealand, etc.* She's now living fairly close by so we planned a a shopping trip today!! I thought that everything between us would probably be a little awkward and stilted since, sad as this is to admit, we don't really know each other anymore, however, this was thankfully not the case!!
We reminisced over old times and then moved onto our fave music and films and all things awesome :D
When I said goodbye to her at the age of seven, I honestly thought that I'd never see her again but today, it was as though we'd never said goodbye! I can even remember how we became friends, it was in the first week of reception; we were colouring and she passed me the crayons; symbolism for the passing over of an almighty friendship, I think you'll agree. Well...perhaps I'm looking a little too deeply into this but there you go...I'm an odd kind of person...not in a particularly bad way...but you'll never meet anyone else like me...I promise.
I was worried about what I should wear to meet her and in the end I wore one of my fave purple tops, my fave Karen Millen jeans and ugg boots (fake of course, I'd never spend £200 on such ugly things) and I carried with me, my blue and white, stripey beach bag and Hayley was dressed really similarly!! Thank goodness! I just didn't want to look like a scruffy so'n'so...I worry about stupid things like that...
Anyway, today just kind of affirmed for me that great friendships may fade with age but they also strengthen and improve along the way.

Peace and love
p.s I watched a Japanese anime film by Studio Ghible last night called, "Tales from Earthsea" and my fave line was, "Life is but a wave on the sea"...really got to me.
p.p.s Have you heard, "Not fair" byt Lily Allen?? I heard it on the radio this morning and I've been humming it all day. The tune's uber catchy but have you listened to the lyrics?! I only just paid attention to them a minute ago :S rude...

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  1. Aw :) I had fun too
    I didn't know that about the crayons!
    Do you remember the hula-hooping competition XD