Tuesday, 28 April 2009


Trudging through dust where green grass once grew,
Smiling at strangers you know you once knew,
Change may morph our planet's face,
Change will knock you from this place,
Embrace what could one day make you great,
Overcome the obstacles thrown in your way

When all else is gone, you're not alone,
Someone's waiting with kind words on the phone.

This is my shot at something that half resembles happiness...I'm not great at venting positive emotions without making a superficial and cheesey mess which shares similarities with many Disney cartoons, however, I reckon that through the harsh realism, there's woven a thread of hope and when you look really closely, you can see it :D

I know someone who is suffering from awful mood swings at the moment because of PMT (pre menstrual tension), I think that he should go to the chemist to get a pill for it or something and yes, I honestly do mean, "HE"!!!

Peace and love babydoll

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