Sunday, 12 April 2009


...ahem, yeah!
Well, as you have probably already guessed, I've been informed from many, many *three* people that my blog has begun to frighten people due to my spectacularly eccentric writing style. I guess I'm just having a laugh since I got christened, "Miss Mink" I love that nick-name and then the idea of an evil yet fantastically intellectual and, sexy (?) villain came to mind and I just wanted to write as her. She was fun but perhaps someone new should be introduced?
How's about Minky? Those of you that are close to me have already made her aquaintence and you have been sworn to secrecy about her so....hush now! But, what about a shy but cheeky little kid named Minky that's far too innocent to understand why adults don't always say what they mean and who doesn't really know or care about the horrors of real life?
...I write escape..
Did anyone catch Dr. Who last night? 'twas amazing, yes? I'm going to miss David as The Doctor but I guess a new leading man will shake things up a tad. Oh and was I the only person who didn't have a clue that Lee Evana was going to be in it? I thought he was fabulous as Malcolm btw. I wasn't too keen on Lady Christina de Souza, however, Michelle Ryan did play her excellently, didn't she?? I would love so much to be The Doctor's assisstant one day; that's the dream! I have a friend who'd be the perfet Doctor as well...but I shan't say who, I'll keep you guessing instead; 'tis far more fun this way, yes?
My nine minutes are drawing to a close, my final moments dwindling, light fading, everything just swimming away, away, away from my unconscious mind...

Peace and love

p.s for those of you who haven't guessed, i'm not dying, there's a film that a want to watch starting in a minute so farewell and all that jazz :)
hooooooooooop a looooooooooo-oooooooooooooop now children! Happy Easter!


  1. well eerrrr that was... enlightening if not a little bit frightning but i guess that is what a blog's supposed to be!

  2. u want 2 be tommy's assisstant. U think he's gr8 4 the doctor. And there's a prob with that. the doctor has 2 be funny eccentric and CLEVER, andattribute tommy doesnt posess. lol. Soz tommy, but ure a writing genius, not a science boff.