Friday, 10 April 2009

Lucky Knickers!!

Has you got lucky knickers?? hmmmmmmmmmnnnn??
Am I being too nosey-ful for your liking? I do apoloagise.
Maybe you would feel at ease if I were to, myself, divulge a little secret of my own....
...I love poetry.

I'm not sure of how much of a secret that is exactly. Some people see poetry is kind of, "geeky" but I adore it. Even when I don't quite grasp its concept, I simply love the ebb and flow of the woven words. I'm a great fan of words. There's something powerful about them, a string of letters which somehow means so much, amazing, eh?

I wish I had a this very moment in time, I appear to have a frizz monster comfort-making itself upon my head. I've struck at it with a hairbrush and fumegated the darned thing with hairspray by the can full yet it remains insisting that my head shall now forever be its place of sanctuary. I'm at my wits end...if the wit was ever there to begin with...what a though, eh? Have I lost my sanity? Or was I amongst the insane to begin with?

Pretty pink pantiloooooonies: lucky knickers! mwa ha ha

Time's ticking; tocking past us all,
Through highest rise and darkest fall,
The human heart beats so many times,
Not rehearsing yet still read our lines,
Written on arrival, so many moons ago,
Everything's scripted to let us already know,

It's all changing, everything's gone,
Everything's changing, it's all gone wrong.

Before we ever open our eyes,
Life will soon be passing us by,
The sun's making its final show,
So where now, where will we go?
Just what shall we do?
Look the other way and deny what we all know is true?

It's falling apart and naivety can't be our saviour forever,
Our Earth's dying, your hand in mine, we killed it together.

Peace and love
p.s and don't foget, hoooooooooooooooooop a loooooooooooooooo-ooooooooooop

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