Monday, 20 April 2009

"The Break Up"

Forget about wearing your heart on your sleeve,
I wore mine on my shoe,
I foolishly trusted everyone,
I put my faith in you,
And now my heart's worn out,
With my sole,
On my shoe,
On my shoe,
I've given up on me,
And now I'm giving up on you,
On you.

One moment to decide,
My choice: live or die,
And the funniest thing is,
The funniest thing is,
That I just can't make up my mind.

I've got so much left to give,
But so much more to lose,
And when it hurts as much as this,
There's just nowhere left ot bruise.

Sorry that everything I seem to write is depressing but I think that venting through poetry is a whole lot more constructive than cutting myself, right? I wasn't exactly emo but I've worn the scars they bare in the past and I've promised my friends and myself, never again.

I'm seeing friends later today and I can't wait, I so need a hug right now.

Peace and love


  1. ....another fabulous poem, kayte! my god, your amazing at this poetry katonkey! xD and yeah, i hope to put up a couple of poems on my blog soem time. i'm working on one, should be up soon!

  2. Hang in there girl!!!

  3. If you wrote an anthology you would be a millionaire writing a poem is all very well but expressing your self through one is genius!