Thursday, 16 April 2009

One of the best days

I'm happier now than I have been in I can't remember how long!!!
I had the most fantastic day with Abbie, Jacob, Katie, Louise and Matt!! Matt had to leave pretty early on cuz his mommy wanted him home but us remaining cool, cool, cooooool people ate brownies and sat in a garden in the gorgeous sunshine! Louise climbed a tree and then I climbed a tree...and got stuck so Louise had to help me down :S *glows with embarrassment and thanks louise very much so*
Then we went walkies along the River Wey up to the orange sand-bank; trés cool!! I even managed to make it up to the top and Jacob was right, it looked like another world, it was so beautiful! I climbed a tidbit further and reached St. Catherine's Ruins and I was stunned and amazed...I had never in my life seen it before :O It was so amazing :D At times like these, when I'm still kind of glowing from a happy day, I'm unable to find the right words to give a worthy description of this wonderful, fabulous time! Words are rich and powerful things but not even words are strong enough to efficiently bare the emotions and memories which I have from today! I brought back a teeny stone and a little flower from the river, just as a couple of momentos! I'm sad like that!
I was fine *just about* getting up the bank but coming down was a little more challenging, I'm afraid! I took off my shoes and socks and sunk my toes into the cool, golden sand. Jacob pointed out all of the sharp rocks and helped me down the banck *what a sweetie!*. Louise chucked my socks into the river...grrrr but I still loves ya!!
Today was wonderful, I can't think of many things that could possibly have improved it :) I hope that many more days like today are on my horizon...speaking of horizons, from the top of the bank, you could see the divide between heaven and Earth; breath-taking!
Tommy you lame, lame, lame person for bailing on us, you could have had the best day of your life but you traded it all for some bloke whom you once shared a love with *sorry, I'm only messing with ya!!*
Shame you couldn't make it though, we'd have had a laugh...maybe another time :)
I shan't keep you too much longer as I, myself, have tasks that have yet to be completed as I'm sure you do also :)

Peace and love

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