Tuesday, 7 April 2009

I only have 7 minutes to write a masterpiece of biblical proportions, whatever shall I dooooo?

I shall take 8 deep breaths whilst counting to ten and back down to zero in order to calm my stress-laden mind.
*deeeeeeeep breaths*
And relax....RELAXED!!
Now, let us begin, first of all, you may address me as The Superior and Supremely Superlative Miss Kaytei....just Kaytei will be fine if you are unable to remember the rest! And now, 'tis your turn to introduce yourself...well, go on, say something!! ...fine...be that way, see if i care.
I do care, very much, you've gone and made me all upset now so I shall bid you farwell dear sweet Mystery Person.

Peace and love

p.s Not really mad or sad just to clarify but hush now, 'tis a secret!!

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