Friday, 24 April 2009

I wish I could stop dreaming

I woke up at four in the morning, tears all over my pillow, and down my face.
It doesn't exactly matter what it was about but I hope I don't ever dream like that again.

I have really long, straight brown hair and I got bored of it last night so I put it up in curlers...I let it out this morning and I looked as though I'd stepped straight out of the 80's :o
I like the 80's but as Elin so kindly reminded me; the 80's were left in the 80's for a reason :(
A bunch of people did compliment me though...*so smug*...well, they were very kind anyways :D
Some of my friends are really going through hell at the moment but like someone very special keeps reminding me; hang in there.
If you need a little reassurance, try having a listen to "Open arms" by Gary Go...'tis a lovely song and he's got a superb's a little strange but ah well...

Try and have a nice weekend now doll

Peace and love

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