Thursday, 23 April 2009

This is actually part of a song I'm writing for music but just this section is entitled; "Burden"

Green leaves bleed into red and brown,
Light depletes, misery reflects in your frown,
Grey clouds weigh heavy upon your shoulders,
Heavy as the oppression of our world holds us,
Bury fears, masquerade with a smile,
Hope is yours, at least for this mile,
Absorb the hatred which we make
When scars are spreading, how long 'til we break?

Don't give in, though it's more than you can bare,
Hold on tight, cling onto what is still there.

I know that this is kind of depressing but just to clarify, today's been a pretty nice day. The sun's shining, there were pringles (love you elin!!! xD) and many people made me laugh :D

Peace and love

p.s I write my poetry from real life experiences and things that I see around me but there's something about the chaos of our music class that makes me zone out and write things like this....don't worry, it was actually what I was meant to be doing!

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