Monday, 20 April 2009

A moment of epic crisis

Well, today certainly took my mind off of everything else that's been going on but maybe not for the right reasons.
I mentioned the orange sand bank in one of my previous posts and I returned to this haven today with, Adam, Caz, Elin, Jacob, Louise, Simon, and Tommy. We climbed in a tree, played truth or dare, wrote poetry, giggled about not much and then Elin fell.
Not quite like that but I thought I'd kindly spare you the the prelude, we weren't sure of where she even was but after a few minutes, Simon found her lying on her back, in great pain and feeling really dazed. After some vital negotiation, Adam and Simon carried her down the hill under Jacob's instruction. Tommy gathered everyone's things, I rang Elin's sister who then called her dad to pick her up after cleaning Elin's muddy arms and legs. Caz and Louise ran to give directions to Elin's dad. Simon lent us his phone for these key calls btw. Elin was alright, she could move her ankles and her arms so we don't think that anything's likely to be broken but we reckon there could be a sprain to her left ankle since Elin was unable to put any weight onto it. When Elin's dad arrived, we carried Elin up to her car together. Jacob lead Elin's rescue team and I really can't bare imagining what may have happened if he hadn't been there.

Times like these either push people apart or pull them together, seeing how amazing everyone was to help Elin made me realise that no Ex-bf of mine is gonna get me down when I have such great people all around me.

Peace and love

p.s to everyone who has complimented my poetry...thanks :)


  1. thanks kayte, that means alot :D and where the heck are you getting all these awesome new words from?

  2. that was an epic day out, great poetry and you forgot to mention Steve!(shoked and appaled) jks