Sunday, 26 April 2009

Neglecting Math Homework *bliss*

Howdy there!
I suck at math (I forget a lot of things, however, I actually managed to get a fairly decent grade in our last assessment...HOOOOOOOOOP A LOOOOO-OOOOOOOP!) and I don't really enjot it at all. We're covering trigonometry atm, and it's one of the few things which I actually, "get", however, this does not mean that I actually like it any more than the ever so tedious and elusive algebra....grrrrrrr. So today, I chose to avoid this hideous piece of homework and instead opted for a couple of hours at church, a little wander around the shops in town and then a long, long, long while sat upon a sun-drenched bench in my back garden reading, "The other side of the story" by Marian Keyes. 'tis a fabulous book! It's 608 pages long and when you read as slowly as I do, you'll understand the daunting task of long books, however, this book is such a laugh that I'm 335 pages through it :D
At one point, one of the characters; Lily, is annoyed at some people and proceeds to refer to them as, "f***ers" repeatedly. She's accompanied by baby Ema in her pram who rather happily joins in, "f***ers". At this very moment, Lily does not stress the lewdity of such a word to her daughter, nor does she forbid her from saying it again...she kneels down so as she's at Ema's height and says, "That's right; 'f***-ers', " with great emphasis on those two sylabols (sorry i can't spell that word). When Ema chose to repeat her newly-aquired first word, Lily pipes in with, "You said it babe!"
I read that little exert to my mommy and she laughed just as much as i had!! Marian Keyes is an excellent author and I can't wait to get to the end of this book just so as I can buy another by her :D

I do realise that I just devoted a large portion of my blog to a book, however, if you try and class me as a geek or anything else (i don't like being categorized) i shall hunt you down and....and...I'll...tell your mum that you've been calling me there!

Peace and love

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