Saturday, 6 November 2010

POST 390

it's 48 days til christmas...ebay says it's 49 but they're either counting today as well or christmas day as well...i'm not...i'm doing it there...nya.

omgosh. ten posts from 400...maybe i should do something big...maybe i'll just complain about lack of sleep...

I got to sleep at about midnight last night and woke up at 6.35 this morning....WHY?!?!? dear lord, WHYYYYYYYYY?!? :O

i had to clean the doors today...-_-' the doors.. meh...i actually sorta enjoyed it...although i did slightly cut my thumb...though i'm not quite sure i know how i managed that...tbh...

did you know that the average person types 56% of stuff with his/her left hand??!? hmmm...i didn't know that...
i'm thinking i'm probably one of the ...44% who don't.
i took up pen twiddling *i took it up...makes it sounds like a worthwhile hobby...* to increase dexterity but i'm only any good at it with my right hand...and i'm already plenty dextrous with my right. I can twiddle lefty but not very welll......Laaaaaalalalalalaaaaaaa.

ooooh, have you heard of Never Shout Never?!?! I found them on youtube and feel in love...well, i say them cuz it sounds like the name of a band, right? but i swear it's actually just one person...kinda like florence and the machine or summat...

anyways! Never Shout Never is really in, the songs are catchy and cute-lyriced...technically not amazingly musically skilled but i'm not grading them so what does it matter to me?? plus the guy's voice is sorta whiney...and he sings in a very overtly american accent...
ANYWAY...they are good....give them a listen...i likey this song:

and it's uber cute video :P 'live this life to the fullest'

have you heard, Can't Stand It by Never Shout Never?!?! actually...probs not...

'everything you do is super f**king cute,
and i can't stand it'

omgeebles...O.o AGOG. Merlin's on in 40 minutes ish...i shall wash my hair space and then do some revision in my couch space before amusing my brain space with telly box.
telly box.

larry the cat.

not looking

^^i just started that sentence and then left the page to look at something else...i can't remember what i wasn't looking at now...oh dear.

so today i pigged:
panini *neapolitan-sun dried tomatoes, basil and mozzerella*
milk chocolate chip cookie

oh yes.

i reckon that that is my day in a nutshell...a very large, cyber, nutshell.

Peace and love
p.s you know in anchorman when he reads the autocue and he's like' go f**k yourselves San Diego'?? yeah, can you imagine if one day i just ended my post like that...well...maybe that day will some the distand future...or not...i'll probably forget...actually, i really don't like not ending posts with peace and love and four x' mild ocd or summat


  1. I'm the opposite with pen-twiddling. Left-handedness means I am absolutely incompetent with my right. More pointless information I wish to disclose on the web!

    I can just imagine you ending the post like that, maybe it would be something for your 400th, maybe a bit too controversial...

  2. I hate it when people use my name in vain.

  3. "WHY?!?!? dear lord, WHYYYYYYYYY?!? :O"

  4. jayze...when i saw i had 5 comments on my post i thought it would be about something ground-breaking, earth-rattling...etc...
    i was wrong.

  5. I'm from the future.