Wednesday, 3 November 2010


To my new blog!! i couldn't do everything that i wanted to but i felt that it was looking a little tired...furthermore, in this time of grey skies and bare trees, I felt that a flash of colour would be appreciated.
House Rowing today! that was a laugh xD i went twice..get me...
Simon was yelling at Daniel and it was HI-Lar-I-OuS...'harder, harder, faster, faster....get angry...' idk...:P
he yelled annoying things at me too...grrrrrr
ah wells.

man, shouldn't have worn DM's today...with the height on them, they don't give me much ankle leverage...which is sort of useful when negotiating stairs...and there are rather a few staircases in school, you know?? hmmmm...i can only blame myself :P

H/W tonight....i can't put it off any longer :/ BUT wallace and gromit!! i completely forgot about that until you told me on the way home, tommy :P btw, thanks for the piggy back yesterday even though i looked like an eejit xD--->i needed that!

oooh-h0oo-hoo, i likey that apprentice too. ooh ja, me likey vair much..

i'm still trying to get over the fact that jamie thinks i sous, i'm fairly sure that's not the first time i've been told that. looola.


Ralph is immediately set aside from any firther characters to be introduced in the first chapter of Lord of the Flies, 'The fair haired boy...' Without knowing about the possible existence of any other characters, being described as 'the fair haired boy' gives the implication that Ralph is special in some way. Furthermore, the reference to having fair-hair could be linked to the Aryan league of Germans which were favoured by Hitler during the second world war. As this novel was written in 1954, only nine years after the end of the second world war, it is possible that Golding had the inclination to remark upon the conflict within his novel. Having formed a link between this character and the Nazi regime, it could be said that Golding wanted to highlight that although Hitler committed awful crimes and was a deeply troubled man Germany saw him as a great leader as they had just come out of a depression and were in need for someone to take charge, reflecting this, despite Ralph's flaws, any other islanders need some kind of authority to lead them.

dun Dun DUN.

awwww...tomorrow's just an ordinary disappointing.

although...i am going to find out how i've done in my history controlled assessment. aw heck. shucks a plenty, etc, etc and all that jazz.

Harvey told me that this had a great video...i gotta agree :P

it's a nice change to see katy perry keeping her clothes on...xD

Peace and love
p.s i just wanted to share this really funny video :

p.p.s don't you think he looks just a bit like simon? xD


  1. What do you mean by 'Jamie thinks I sous'?

  2. :D Anytime! Well, obviously not anytime..,. preferably ask before you force a piggyback lol.

    And YES! It's SIMON! AHHH!

  3. sorry, s o u n d
    i truly am crap at typing :/
    i'mgonna jump on you in latin tomorrow tommy...literally xD

  4. I still don't get it...

    Sorry for having to make you have to spell it out, literally...

  5. oh god...i've missed a whole flaming sentence..and i swear i typed it...i said that you said that i sounded like your grandma...

    it's alot less funny when you have to explain it... :P

  6. Oh right, it all makes sense. I really didn't understand.

    You were putting on a strange accent when I said that, so I don't actually think that of your normal voice...