Wednesday, 10 November 2010

I can't believe i forgot to tell you!!!

Like, two days ago...('like' because i'm not sure) over in the neutral, mountainous, chocolate-bearing country of Switzerland, they got the large hadron collider to do what they wanted it too!!! :O wee all know it failed first time around but this time they've manage to make a mini big bang..wha-wha-wha?!?!? THAT'S AWESOME!!!!! i don't know too much about science but this is fascinating. it's burning with more heat than the core of the sun. wow much?!?! if they can harness the fecking, if they've made a mini big bang does htat mean that a mini universe is in the process of being made?? or can they see whether we're wrong and there's actually a multiverse....

yeah, i dunno...i've surprisingly not heard that much about it...i think i've probably heard more about x-factor tbh...i still don't believe that katie waissel did porn ftr.

wow, from science to porn, what a diversity of topic my blog presents! *smug*

Harvey as Kitty was major looliage xD

how psyched am i for the mocks?!?!

...i feel like crying -_-' they're in 3 weeks and i feel majorly underprepared!! Far too much to learn and revise plus ordinary h/w. plus, when will teachers realise that SOME of us have a life outside of school...i'm still very much of the opinion that teachers sleep in sleeping bags on the desks at the back of the classroom...:D

I've done a couple of B1a past papers...31/36 on one...32/36 on other...:/
frustratingly, what i'm finding hardest is the female hormone mumbo-jumbo...frustrating because that's basically my biology i'm being tested on and i don't know it!! If it was about testosterone then i'd have the excuse that i don't have testes...


Apprentice it...i want stuart out but then again, he might do well in this week's challenge...who knows??

omgosh, Rob Brydon's tiny angry man in a box...

^^btw, that's a link but i fiddled about with the colours so it's hard to tell...

so, i reckon i did worse in drama this time around than last...hmmmmmmm...if i ever have to look at that particular extract of My Sister In This House again....i will cry. that's a threat.

have i directed you to any of this guy's videos before??

he's so funny....
hey if you smush the words so and funny together you get sunny :P

Peace and love
p.s hats off for my latest blog design? :P i'm thinking of changing it seasonally...

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  1. Wait... what? Newspapers everywhere talk about how scientists are going to create a Black Hole with the LHC, but then fail to tell anyone that it works? That is pretty ridiculous.

    Try not to let everything get to your head. A pretty difficult thing to do at times, I know, but others are going through the same pressure. And, of course, other people are there to help when things get tough :)