Wednesday, 17 November 2010


Best magazine ever.

First proper magazine * that wasn't free or out of a newspaper* that i've read in about two and a half years!!

also really expensive :/ £6...but that's cuz it doesn't have any adverts all the way through...and the adverts are the things which really piss me off...

anyways, it's poems by mostly unknown poets alongside visual representations of the poems by mostly uknown illustrators as well as interviews with more famous poets and illustrators... all in all, different from most things I read and very's fairly new, it's out seasonally and this edition was only the fourth or's A/W and it's the 'This is Modern Living' issue :P

what's more interesting is that you can submit your own work...might have a go at that....but they're not taking anything new until Harvey's birthday...that's just a coincidence btw...they're not waiting for Harvey to turn 16...although...
No...they're not...:P

no out of pure laziness i'm going to write out the shortest poem of the whole's by Darrel Mager

This is what happens in between emails:

I worry that you've been hit
by the fuselage from a
falling plane

and that I will never see
or hear from you


i gotta admit, i have these irrational panic moments all the time...

like when i was walking to the cathedral last saturday in the rainy dark on my was only 6.40 or something but i was a bit scared. well, i say a 'bit'...i was considering how i could turn to use my brolly in one swift movement as a ninja device to knock out an attacker...
that's not really the same as the poem though, is it?? the poem's saying that people have become so dependent upon and impatient with their technology that being parted from anything other than an instantaneous response is unbearable.

well...i reckon that's all from me for to have some dinner :)

then h/w. oh joy. oh rapture.

Peace and love
p.s any typos? i don't want to know...


  1. It has poems? That's pretty cool.

    Annoying, I wish I'd got one there now. Maybe I'll get one like that somewhere else...

  2. :O That's so weird! I used to know someone who read that exact magazine :D

  3. really??!? they seel it barely anywhere and it's really odd... :P

  4. Hello! I have one of those vain google search things set up for my name. Thanks so much for the repost of No New Mail!
    It's little things like that that make me think maybe I should keep playing with poetry.