Monday, 22 November 2010


A number is just a number.

I was born 16.16 years ago. Is that just a number?

What about my experiences? My days of laughing? Hours of crying? What about the things I've seen, heard, tasted, felt? Surely a number isn't just a number. Surely.

I'm not just a statistic am i?

Jamie! It was a full moon when you were born!! that's cool.

To mark my 400th favourite song of right now...

It's a cover of a song by Feist but it's very different...vair chilled :P james actually recorded it in his he did with the whole album actually xD

So, let's think...I've owned this blog for almost four years but i've only really been using it for 2 years. That's mainly because i forgot how to log in...
I think i accidentally made myself a different blog whilst i was trying to log on's still out there in cyberspace somewhere...can't remember what it was called though :P it was made years and years ago though so i doubt there's anything worth noting on there really anyway.

I guess that over 400 followers here probably have a better grasp than most people of who i am...but then...I wrote these posts and i'm still not sure i get me so maybe not...I've shared some pretty dark stuff...but you've also seen some of my happiest moments...that's pretty special, right there, ain't it? Where do you think i'll be in my next 400 posts?? by then i should be done with gcse's and well into a-levels...i wonder if my hair will be brown again by then...

BTW...Bronde *midway between brunnette and blonde is apparently the in colour for hair right yeah...xD

ooh and also...i brused my teeth left handed last night...and got toothpaste all over my face...i was in rush this morning so i just used my right hand :P
you're welcome.

aw, jenny's a right sweetie...:D she told me that i'm too harsh on myself and that i'm a really good was a bit random but she actually meant it...almost made me cry xD

i hugged everyone on my table before english :D


Peace and love


  1. 400 Posts. Quite an accomplishment.

    I'm not sure whether you full-heartedly meant it or not, but let me just assure you that you are not a statistic, never have been and ever will be. Looking back through random posts on here asserts that. You are one of the most unique, interesting and joyful people I've ever met, and I don't care if I've probably told you that before, because I believe not enough people tell you it.


  2. gosh, jamie, you're far too sweet to me :P