Monday, 8 November 2010's 46 days til christmas

and i have a cold :( it know i have a cold because i keep sneezing and i never usually sneeze...:P

ha, today was katie's birthday :) she laughed so much at what i got her!! and jamie, you said i had a strange sense of humour *gasp*. i put in a lot of care into choosing them...this box had aston's face on it...he's her favourite JLS guy. 'twas so funny. her and evan read out the instructions xD and mrs. whitehead came to see what was going on...oh lordi...
i got katie camp rock perfume too...for some reason, which i doubt i'll ever understand, she has a thing about those disney things *hannah montanna, High school musical and camp rock....*



summer, please remember to bring some tops for me to try :s i went to town after school today and couldn't find any that yelled, 'elegant but coool' at me. dang. martin to carry my hitch hiker's guide to the galaxy when we went round town :P i love it!
i've only read the first page...'tis good though.

the corners are battered and the spine's all sticky-taped but it was 50p and awesome so who really cares? anyone? nope? thought not...

omgeebles, the trip is on tonight :D 'twas good last week.

steve coogan and rob brydon. legends. leg ends. looliage. i hat myself for saying'lol' and lollage so instead i say loola and looliage.

omgosh, horatio is piggy in the lord of the flies...i think rob found it xD

Peace and love


  1. ...Liking the picture put on the blog...

  2. Omg I saw that picture of piggy, pure LOLige Jack showed me and jaz in my tutor well funny XD