Monday, 29 November 2010

My friendship with Eloise

What a peculiar thing.
It seems to be a series of her various ways of assaulting me held together by me complaining about them and us laughing til we can't speak or do anything else...
Let's start from the beginning of today par exemple:
She made me row 4000m in PE....
She spent the first of two english lessons writing this joke:
Why do snails always come in groups of the power of 23? *i don't know how to write that properly*

Because they are mole-uscs!

What a nerdy joke...pretty good but very nerdy nonetheless.

At lunch I was sat next to her on a table doing an awful impression of her saying, 'i'm gonna change the world with my comedy and be a mind blowing comedienne....'etc.
To which she responded by shoving me OFF the desk...I didn't topple, i actually SLID off the desk because she pushed me so hard ...hurting my bottom in the process.

From time to time she also tries to push me down flights of stairs...
She's put me in a headlock *without prior warning or in fact any suggestion what so ever that this was her intention*
She KNEED me in the CROTCH *fo trying to give her a hug!!!!!* and then to add insult to injury she asked me, 'did it hurt?'

She is infuriating, incapable of friendly gestures of affection and very stubborn *she once tried to convince me that insuperior is actually a word ¬_¬*
but she's hilarious and kind and clever and d'you know what?? I wouldn't have her any other way :P

sucks that she's going elsewhere for 6th form :/

In other, non-Eloise-related news:

Steve loved his b'day present from me and Summer :D
I t was actually his b'day yesterday but we didn't see him cuz it was a sunday...we were gonna do it on friday but then Summer was in Aachen.

It was a very thoughtful present :D full of good judgment and taste....

a poster of five naked ladies :)

Harvey's present arrived this morning!!! I ordered it online and was vair worried it wouldn't arrive in time for wednesday...but it has!! *yay*

This is probably the best post i've done in a while...certainly the longest anyway...

Peace and love


  1. when I think of Eloise the image of a dinosaur wearing a parachute comes to mind, and I have no idea why :S lol

    btw, you staying for sixth form?

  2. that's cuz i drew godzilla on a science paper i did before bur i drew him so as he looked as though he was floating above the city by mistake so eloise gave hime a parachute...obviously. :D