Thursday, 25 November 2010

Why so much junk mail all of a sudden?

I don't belong to HSBC
I don't any Viagra
I'm not interested in having a Thai bride
And I didn't enter any lotteries!!


my hands are chilly :/ hard to type when you can't move your fingers...just saying...

I really don't have much to say!

I'm majorly looking forward to harvey's this saturday though...gonna be fabby...abby fabby...

my toes are cold too...

I actually contributed to my latin lesson this afternoon...usually i'm pretty passive...i'll listen attentively but i hate talking...even though there's only six of's so QUIET!!! what's really disconcerting is when i can hear jenny's watch ticking...even though i can't hear mine. hmmm. hands are actually painfully cold.
ooh. big bang theory's on tonight :P
hopefully i won't get muhc h/w tomorrow! then i can focus on revision and PARTYING...and shopping :P
i actually do need some more tights and then other stuff i have to buy are presents...

ohhh, i should get time for my youth group as well :D


Peace and love
p.s hands are still cold.

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  1. You're on Hotmail, right? Seems a little bizarre for it to suddenly stop bothering to filter that stuff.

    ...Update it or something? I'm unsure.