Friday, 12 November 2010

The only thing i learnt at school today...

...I am not a very good ninja...darn it.

need to wash my hair and change ready for awards evening...I looking forward to it but i'm so vair tired...would like much slepp. <---believe it or not slepp was a purposeful typo because i like the way it sounds...slepp...:P

ooh, the drama rewritten essay i thought i'd done real bad on...i didn't :D i improved rather a lot and am rather pleased!!

i'm cold and i got rained on walking home :/ i really must wash my hair ready for must shine beneath the cathedral lights and dazzle...people...and such...

I talk a LOT of utter crap.

my hands are cold.

i'm wearing trackies and a vest top...over the would be silly...hoodie over vest top....:D


Pie and lava
Peace and love
p.s tommy just sent me it:



  1. ...That clip's ever funnier the second time around. Awesome.

  2. it's even funnier the fifth time around when you've forced everyone in your family to watch it even though they say 'geeze, kate, i'm busy'
    ...or so i've heard...