Sunday, 7 November 2010

Blog on your face

I bought a new dress today :P from H&'s a sorta dusky pink with ruffleyness...but not ruffleyness that would make me look like a pudding...nope...just ruffleyness-nuff to look cooool:) cooool with four o's nonetheless.

I had a feck-weird dream last night...:/

haven't done as much as i needed feeling that i'm gonna fail my retake...basically dreading waking up tomorrow. wow, that sounds cheerful :P
nah-bles, things ain't so bad :D i'm just a miserable so'n' so, ain't i?

why on earth am i talking like that??!?! how very peculiar.

omgosh, it's near on seven already, dang, thought i had loads of time...

need to wash my haaair and bathe before x-factor...yes, i'm gonna watch x-factor, get over it.

latin is teeny, drama can be done on tuesday...history not so big and triple...i'll try and get those done at nine. i hate doing h/w after dinner but alas, it must be done. AH WELLS. life goes on and all that mumbo jumbo.

right, i'm gonna stop rambling, this is really disjointed, even for my standards...

Hasta Luego

Peace and love
p.s mwa ha ha, bugged i yoinked your new signature, jamie?? :P nah, you can have it...i don't even know what it means...yet.

oh...apparently it means just, 'bye', i hoped it'd be something risqué 'n' vogue xD


  1. Argh! I hadn't even used it yet!

    Yes, it's just means bye. I don't really know that many... risque things in Spanish, although they'd probably be easy to find. 'Hasta la vista' is pretty awesome, although it literally translates as 'until we see each other again'.

    Good luck on your retake! I didn't realise it was tomorrow. Just keep your head above things and it should be fine.

  2. yeah, but the thing about 'Hasta la vista' is it's sort of obligatory to say it in an austrian know...arnold swartzgeneggar *or however it's spelt* terminator :P

  3. I see your point. But it's difficult to write in an accent... although I try :P