Friday, 26 November 2010

Crazy and Neurotic

Hey y'all!
That's apparently a compliment so i'll take that :D

Drama was majorly awesome today...see, when i chose drama, this is what i was expecting...script work...i LOVE scripted's the other stuff i'm not mad about..

I think that nice lady's name was Miss Lebowitz...although i really do stress that i'm not sure, i as trying to read her tag thingy in so that it didn't look as thoughi was staring at her chest.

Going to watch The Simpsons...

Peace and love


  1. ...It's not every day that you can be called neurotic and sort of take it as a compliment.

    And although I was really worried I was going to hate script work, it's much more fun than the other two topics.

    Except, I watched a Chris Rock video. I really don't think I could pull off the voice without sounding racist or rubbish. Hmm...

  2. XD It was sssoooo awkward when she said that you looked like a crazy neurotic jewish woman.