Thursday, 4 November 2010

It's okay to say that you love me...

This isn't the official's the official lyric video as the song hasn't been released yet but i actually really like the lyric videos and it's clever that they come out before the song because then everyone knows the words quite well and can sing along...that's always fun :P

I got an A on my controlled assessment...i'm pretty pleased with that but it's not the official grade so if i go down to a D I'm gonna be eating a lot of cake...

apparently it's impossible to eat and cry at the same time...

have i said that before??
i suppose it's logical what with the gutteral choking sobs and shortness of breath and'd end up choking yourself...hmmmm.

I watched The Witches on Sunday xD I had the audiobook when i was really little...three maybe? and i listened to it alllll the time! i loved it...there was one part where luke is in his tree house and a witch tries to lure him down with chocolate...and a snake...and that part always terrified me...
The film was made in '89 and i'd seen it a few times before but i'd never realised how old fashioned it seemed :P ah wells, i still enjoyed it.

new series of The Big Bang Theory tonight :D awesome!! it is vair funny. and i have a small crush on small that i haven't bothered to learn the actor's name 0:)


mmm, i did latin h/w/ library work at lunch today but i was with Tommy and Jacob so we had a laugh.

Matt bullies me in Latin. He threw my pen lid under a book shelf...bastard...and as tommy pointed out, it was only tuesday when i was calling him my new favourite person...xD


i hated myself for saying lol...ANGE MADE ME!!! so now i say loola...which almost sounds like a childish word for something naughty :P

Senior choir was good :D even though it is exhausting to sing those really high, really long notes!!
i'm finally getting some h/w done. i've done triple and i'm almost done on chemistry and then i'll do some physics revision followed by biology revision and then the plan is to do the rest of my h/w tomorrow and revise on saturday and sunday and do some practice B1a papers....
i'm so not looking forward to resitting.
bla bla bla

heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey :D

Peace and love


  1. I remember reading the Witches. Great book, but a pretty sad ending (he basically just remains a mouse for the rest of his life). The film ending was happier, I remember.

    Anyway, have fun (I guess) with your homework...

  2. omgosh! i didn't remember that he stayed a mouse in the real story...the film was much happier :/
    loads more h/w...excuse me whilst i have a small cry...