Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Ah, Time goes so quickly when you're not keeping an eye on him. :/

'twas Martin's birthday yesterday :D we had a good time!!
and, the cake that i baked for him turned out really well :P
it's always nice when things go right...even when it's just chocolate sponge, eh?

i ought to start painting later....

I've finally begun Lord of the Flies...it's okay...so far i'm not pverly keen on the narrative or style of whatever you'd call it, both Ralph and Jack seem like arrogant bastards and Piggy is annoying but i feel pretty bad for him :/ but then again, i've yet to even finish the first chapter so I shouldn't be judging all that early, eh?

i've seen the film of it so i know the ending but it's still worth reading the book to get an insight into how the author atually intended for his audience to receive it...since he never wrote it as a screenplay.

ah wells.

Tommy's gone to Topsham for a week. grrrrr. xD nah, have a nice time, babes! *told you i'd bring it back, babes!*

mwa ha ha

i always have been a lil bit evil.

i want to walk.

i'm gonna get going

Peace and love

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