Monday, 23 August 2010


That's right Bitches!!! xD

*ahem* please excuse my previous outburst...I was not in my right state of mind....

anyways, that's my latest word count novel.
there is no way that I can say 'my novel' without sounding pretentious, is there? So, do you know what? I'm just gonna go overboard and start calling myself an author-extraordinaire. ahahahaha!!

Anyways, The Author-Extradordinaire had a rather delightful town venture with Summer, Harvey, Jamie, Tommy and Jacob. *if i carry on referring to myself in 3rd person i might go insane...hmmmmm*

I quite like putting people into alphabetical order but in this instance I've put them in order of when people turned up!!

I was FIRST...first time in AGES that i've been first!! xD *smug...and now a lil sad that i just pointed that our...hmmmm*

OOOOHHHHH!!!! you know how Shakespeare came up with 'bubble'...amongst other words...WELL (!) Dr. Zeuss came up with 'nerd' ahahahaha. How fabby is that?

songs i want to download:
switch by will smith
that one the tommy and harvey always sing xD
white sky by vampire weekend *ty summer!!*
rock your body by MVP
a few various songs by Tenacious D and some others by Bombay Bicycle Club...
OH and that one by Chevvy Chase and that other guy.. xD

Today was really really good xD Weather could have been a bit better but I shan't be too picky cuz then I'll just piss you off :D
I love to punctuate with smilies O.o

Peace and love
p.s...i just thought...the title of this blogpost sounds a lil ominous doesn't it? ooooh.

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